About Troop 98

Below you will find some basic information on our unit. If at anytime you have questions, please feel free to ask any of us.


Location - Our Savior Lutheran Church, at 1244 W. Army Trail Road, Carol Stream

Time - Monday night at 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

We do meet all year, some other Troops follow a school schedule. We believe scouting is a full time way of life. In order to help support that belief, we feel that the scout needs to have regular contact with other scouts to help each other. This builds bonds and strengthens friendships.


As a general rule, we try to camp at least once a month except December and January, which still have some sort of troop-wide outing or trip. Yes, even in winter, the boys may still camp outdoors. We do teach the youth how to properly camp in cold weather. There may be a month where we are committed to a service project, or other scheduling restrictions may not allow a camping trip.

When we camp, we ask that each scout brings their personal gear including a mess kit with them. The Troop provides one tent for every two boys along with all their cooking supplies. On the Friday night of camping we normally depart at 6:00 pm and carpool to the campsite. On Sunday, we return around 12 noon. These campouts are for the scouts. The scouts should assist in preserving the equipment they use. Scouts are required to take troop gear home after camp-outs to dry and/or clean, thus preventing mildew.

Camping fees are kept as low as practical. We DO NOT provide meals on Friday night. They need to eat at home, or bring it with them as they head to the campsite. The scouts do their own meal planning and cooking. All cooking is done over Troop stoves.

Meals are planned two meetings before a campout. This is a group effort. If your son has particular likes and dislikes, make sure he is there to voice his vote. If your son is allergic to a food, make sure it is on his health form and tell the leaders about his allergy. This will definitely affect meal planning. We gladly accommodate health issues.

Summer Camp

Summer camp is a big part of your son’s scouting experience. Not only will he advance in rank and merit badges, but he will also grow as an individual and grow with other scouts as a unit.

A big part of the payment for summer camp has come from fundraisers. We believe if a scout wants to participate in an activity, they need to have invested in that activity. We sell popcorn and hold other fundraisers to allow the scouts a chance to earn their way to summer camp. Get your scout involved in these activities. Any money they raise goes directly into their Scout Account program which they can use to pay for outings or equipment.

Service Projects

We are here to make a difference in our community one project at a time. We have participated in a wide range of service projects. If we do not get the scouts active in our community, they will never see that they can have a positive impact on a negative situation for someone. We want them to see they can make a difference if they will just do something.


Without commitment from the parents, we would not have a troop. By commitment, we mean being committed to bringing your son to each meeting. If you miss a meeting, you will miss something important about upcoming events. By commitment, we mean being committed to being aware of what is going on in terms of activities and events. By commitment, we mean being committed to getting your scout to work on advancements at home.

100 Years of Scouting